The Home Aquaponics Practices

Simply home aquaponics is a home based fish and food culture practice. Now-a-days, the whole world becomes aware in conserving environment. The environmental conservation may be done by energy conservation, power conservation, bio-diversity conservation, water conservation and so on. People take the home aquaponics system as a mean of water conservation. In this system, the water is used judiciously and the whole system is totally eco-friendly as all type of chemical pesticide and fertilizers are avoided.

However, the home aquaponics system is very easy water conserving and fish rearing technique with plants which is very flexible to any one for adopting as a home practice for being self-sufficient. It is the combination of fish culture with the aquatic plants. This unique and eco-friendly system is highly responsible for biodiversity conservation as well as conserving environment.

As the aquaponics system is very easy method, thus one can easily adopt it. The only one need of adopting this home system is some preliminary knowledge of aquaponics. One can normally set up the aquaponics system in his home.

The simple and easy techniques of setting up an improved home aquaponics system but not a complicated are as follows:

  • Collection of required materials: First of all, you have to collect all necessary and relevant tools and equipments for setting up an aquaponics system. Some basic components may be pump, tank, gravel, filter, water, fish and suitable plant species.
  • Placement of tank: The set up of a tank is not peculiar one, mostly similar with the aquarium placing. You should start the set up stage after confirming all the necessary tools. However, for doing this, you should adjust a filter in the inner portion of the tank and have to make a linkage with the tubes. Then it needs to be filled with adequate water. The amount of water is largely depended on the number, quantity and nature of fish species will be grown there.
  • Preparation of grow bed: Grow bed is really another vital part of home aquaponics system. For providing the facility of proper drainage, a hole of definite size have to be made at the bottom portion of the grow bed. A water pump tube is also interconnected with this portion. Then adequate amount of clean gravels are to be poured slowly.
  • The water pump tube needs to be placed about three fourth part height of the grow area.
  • Tank maintenance: The then step is to maintain the tank properly. After setting you need to wait for several hours to release fish species otherwise the provided fishes may die for a minute change of temperature.
  • Plant and fish release: After final preparation, suitable plants e.g. tomato, squash, pepper etc. and suitable fish species e.g. Talapia, silver perch, goldfish, jade perch etc. can be released there for cultivation. The selection fish and plant should be made on the basis of market price as well as home need.

Advantages of home aquaponics:

  1. Very easy and simple method, anyone can adopt it.
  2. No need of extra chemical fertilizer and pesticide.
  3. Daily home need of fish and vegetable can be met from here.
  4. Environmentally friendly.
  5. Act as a mean of water conservation.
  6. Species diversity can be made easily in a single piece of area.

However, as the home aquaponics system can be done easily and need less capital but effective in meeting the family demand of vegetable and fish, everybody should try to practice it.

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