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DIY Aquaponics System for Combining Plant and Fish Culture

The DIY Aquaponics is nothing but a home based ideal project which can be start easily at home by anytime as one desire. The aquaponics is an integrated system of rearing or cultivating different fishes with various plant species in an aqueous medium which support the symbiosis interaction among them. The symbiosis association is helpful for both the plant and fish components of the aquaponics system. In the aquaponics system, there is no need to use synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. It requires only a little but critical level of water i.e. ten percent of the water needed for field plant cultivation and normal portion of the water require in the fish culture. However, the DIY aquaponics system runs in an effective and environment friendly manner i.e. it has no adverse effect on natural environment. As this system use the water again a Read more >>
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