Starting Your Own Home Aquaponics

Many people nowadays are learning how to conserve energy to help the planet by applying various green methods. Some folks conserve power by using solar panels and other energy efficient devices. Other folks are targeting water conservation and sustainability of natural food sources such as the case of home aquaponics.

Home aquaponics is one of the many methods that any household can apply to help conserve water while growing their own farm for self-sufficiency. Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture which is fish farming, and hydroponics which is a method of vegetable growing. By combining the two farming methods, you can diversify and add variety to your farming even if you’re only doing on a small-scale basis.

It is not difficult to start with your own home aquaponics. It can look a little daunting for a newbie, but you’ll find it enjoyable if you truly are interested in this type of farming at home. If vegetable gardening is new to you, you’ll find home aquaponics more interesting compared to the traditional method. It is also eco-friendly since you only need to use additives or nutrient supplements when your fish waste is deficient with a certain nutrient. Since your fish is providing nutrient-rich waste, your vegetables rely on it and would no longer require fertilizers.

For a first-timer, you need to have the basic materials to help you start with your own aquaponics system. You’ll need grow beds, fish tanks, fish and plants, piping system for your water supply and water. You also need a step-by-step guide in order to assemble your system properly. You should also have an area dedicated for your aquaponics system – whether indoor or outdoor, as long as it gets enough sunlight.

There are lots of detailed information on the net about preparing your area and where to get the best supplies. But most importantly, you need to secure the guidelines in order for you to successfully set up your home aquaponics system.

You can start an environment-friendly project by having your own home aquaponics. It is safe for your vegetables and fish, and at the same time to your health because there are no toxic chemicals involved. And this system is best for self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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