DIY Aquaponics System for Combining Plant and Fish Culture

The DIY Aquaponics is nothing but a home based ideal project which can be start easily at home by anytime as one desire. The aquaponics is an integrated system of rearing or cultivating different fishes with various plant species in an aqueous medium which support the symbiosis interaction among them. The symbiosis association is helpful for both the plant and fish components of the aquaponics system. In the aquaponics system, there is no need to use synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. It requires only a little but critical level of water i.e. ten percent of the water needed for field plant cultivation and normal portion of the water require in the fish culture.

However, the DIY aquaponics system runs in an effective and environment friendly manner i.e. it has no adverse effect on natural environment. As this system use the water again and again by filtering and recycling itself, it may also be called as biological water conserver. Being a new comer of this culturing site, you may feel something boring as the system’s steps and information learning is very crucial prior to start DIY aquaponics. But the modern technology will assist you more than your thinking i.e. a lot of information related to this culture are available in online world and you may reach them easily by only simple net browsing. You may also get more quality and essential information from other people who have already started this culture practice. You should be more sincere and responsible to collect relevant information of this home culture practice as it is Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

For starting this, you need to possess a definite or suitable area for DIY aquaponics system but outdoor area is best as there is a great opportunity to get adequate quantity of sunlight crucially needed for proper plant growth and development. You should be more attentive and careful during the seedling stage of plant species planted in DIY system as they are more vulnerable to a little alteration of environment. You should also be same for the young stage of fish component. But this vulnerable condition can be reduced in some extend by selecting healthy and vigorous of both plant and fish progenies. After selecting the proper fish and plant species, you should give more emphasis in selecting the aquaponics kits. A proper kit has a great influence on successfulness of a DIY project.

However, some common features or basic words towards the DIY project are as follows:

  • Try to grow around ten times more plant species than that of normal field cultivation.
  • It is fully environment friendly as no chemicals and fertilizer is used here. That is why, it is sometimes known as organic culture.
  • No need for adequate prior training and skill as it is learning by doing method.
  • Plant grows vigorously and quickly. Thus one may get short time return.
  • Need less working and investment than the individual culture as a symbiosis interaction occurs here.

Benefits of DIY Aquaponics System:

  1. Money saving system
  2. Needs simple tools
  3. Weed free cultivation
  4. Proper and exact amount of nutrient supply
  5. No need of chemical fertilizer and pesticide
  6. Two types of outcomes can be obtained from a single area.

As the DIY Aquaponics system is beneficial and environmentally favorable and no need of expensive tools, everybody should try it at home for sustainable development.

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