Aquaponics System – Top 5 Factors To Consider

An aquaponics system is not a very difficult project to execute even at home. The steps you’ll need to follow are simple and easy, and the supplies are quite plentiful. You don’t have to worry about completing thins project since you’ll find many information and resources about aquaponics systems on the net.

But before you head out and buy the items you’ll need, you should first consider the factors that can directly affect your aquaponics system.

1. Location:

You must search for a good location that’s best for aquaponics. There should be sufficient natural light for your plants to photosynthesize properly, and ensure that the temperature is just right. The system should be protected from winds or harsh climates, and you should remove all toxic materials that might spill into the water/fish tanks. Take note that your system is alive because of its natural components – water, vegetation and fish which are the driving force to your system.

2. Choosing the right fish:

Any fish variety will work in an aquaponics system. Before you get any type of fish, you should check with your state has certain restrictions for acquiring one. For more information, you may contact your local agricultural or wildlife protection officer.

3. Oxygenation:

You need to oxygenize the water in your fish tank in order to keep the fish alive and healthy. To ensure that the fish are comfortable with their environment, this practice should be done daily.

4. Where to place the pots:

It’s advisable to place the pots on waist level so it will be easier for you to harvest the produce and do other tasks. No need to reach higher if the system is set-up high or bend over if it is too low.

5. Adding supplementary nutrients:

It is possible that your fish may not provide every bit of nutrient that your plants need. So it is imperative to look for supplementary nutrients to avoid deficiencies. Iron, carbonate, potassium and calcium are the most common nutrient supplements that are being added when using an aquaponics system.

An aquaponics system is an ideal means of farming vegetables and fish for sustainability. It’s not a very difficult project since there are plenty of tips, resources and techniques available.

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