Aquaponics Supplies for Plant Component

Various aquaponics supplies are needed for starting the combine production of plants (vegetables) and fish species in a same system i.e. aquaponics system. In this system, such types of fish and plants are selected which are beneficial for each other and the selected aquaponics tools or kits must be adjustable and adventitious to its components.

Some aquaponics supplies simply used in aquaponics system are stated below:

1. Light Component:

As the light is essentially needed for the photosynthesis of plant component, there must be adequate light system in aquaponics system. Many of the modern aquaponics supplies have built-in light system but not of all. The aquaponics tools having light system is somewhat expensive. The total production of plant totally depends on photosynthesis and the photosynthesis depends on the amount of sunlight received. The requirement of light is different from plant to plant. If your selected plant needs more light and the sunlight available in your home aquaponics is not sufficient, you should go with such modern or artificial light providing system.

One should try to select the plants need normal light and sunlight is enough as most of the farmers have no access or unable to go with lighting instruments. However, for getting best result, one may use a combine lighting system which may consist of sunlight, fluorescent light, metallic halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and so on by using which you may get better yield. Among this artificial lighting system, the high pressure sodium and metallic halide lamps are best for germination of seed and subsequent growth as these are very similar to the natural sunlight.

2. Growth Medium:

Various crops need various types of growing medium for supporting plant growth. For the aquaponics system the coconut husk, gravel, vermiculite, sand, Rockwool made medium are best. These growing medium is available in the aquaponics supplies medium and one can easily collect it as his need. The medium having more porous is more suitable for aquaponics cultivation as it remains with adequate oxygen. The well prepared medium is very flexible to use. One can reuse the same medium without any adverse effect but need to be sterilized before planting new plant species.

3. Essential Nutrients:

There are about 18 very essential plant nutrients which are highly recommended for proper plant growth. As the plants cultivated in this system have no relation with the soil and the fish component will not be able to provide all the essential plant nutrient elements, extra addition of nutrient elements are very crucial for aquaponics system. But one should be conscious enough in making solution of nutrient as hypertonic solution is harmful for plant. The plant nutrients are available in the aquaponics supplies shops from which one can easily collect it. Everybody should be cautious about the given formula instruction on the packet during preparing the solution.

4. Plant Seed:

Though at last, it is most vital component of an aquaponics system as any aquaponics system cannot be made without this component. A good seed is needed for getting good seedling. The seeds of your favorite vegetables should be collected in time and placed in the growing medium of your home aquaponics by maintaining proper temperature, light and other growth regulating factors. The imported or selected seeds must be mature one for getting maximum as well as desirable yield.

However, before going to start an aquaponics system, it is needed to be confirmed about the various aquaponics supplies needed for its components and by doing so, one will be succeed.

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