Aquaponics Equipment

Aquaponics equipment is nothing but a set of tools used in aquaponics culturing system. In this aquaponics system, both vegetables and fish species are cultured scientifically as a combine system without any type of water pollution. In addition, this culturing system works itself as a water conservation system.

This is a unique water conservation system as it requires little amount of water and excreta of one component is used as the input of the other, really a unique system. Being a special system, it requires some special tools or equipments as structural components which are technically known as the aquaponics equipment.

However, a list of some common aquaponics equipments is given below:

  • Aquatic Tank: Generally, it is a huge tank of about 100 gallon holding capacity containing water for the support of fish growth. In case of small project, it is better to use simple fish aquarium. A proper selection of tank has great impact of the project success. Various types of tank with additional functions are available in the market. You can choose any of them as your project size but the clear one is best.
  • Gravel filter System and Pump: These are usually done in the bottom part of the tank. The gravels are used as a medium of biological filtration of the water to maintain its quality as well. The pump is another important aquaponics equipment which assist in recycling the water from the tank to the growing bed supporting the plant growth.
  • Growing Bed: This bed is generally placed on top of the aquatic tank and has numerous definite holes at the bottom part. This is so made that covers most of the surface area giving a small room for assisting the fish component in taking food. Sometimes, some lighter containers are placed on the top of the tank for easy and effective maintenance of the total farming system.
  • Submerse pump is also an aquaponics equipment assisting in pumping out the water to the grow bed.
  • Tools for pH testing: Though it is very easy to maintain and handling, its important is so high that any change from the normal pH range may cause harmful effect on other components. The plants and fish components need a specific range of pH. So, it is very important to maintain proper soil pH with pH testing equipment which is easily reachable throughout the world.
  • Siphon Cleaner: This cleaner is very cheap and needed for each and every farm for the cleaning activities of tank in every month.
  • Nutrient Solution: Actually, it is not essential one. The system does not allow the use of chemical fertilizer in the system. The nitrogenous demand is generally fulfilled by the fish components, but for the need of phosphorus and potassium, it may use fertilizer for encouraging proper and equal growth. Actually, it is optional aquaponics equipment.
  • Proper Light Source: The sunlight is more important factor for the rational growth and development of both fish and plant components. For insufficient natural light condition, artificial light having 20-50 watts may be used for proper farming.

However, there are various tools of aquaponics available in the market. Just find out the best one and purchase the aquaponics equipment and start the designing of the same.

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