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Before talking about aquaponics Australia, it should state that the aquaponics is not new in Australia. For the success and development of a nation, the people should ensure the proper and effective utilization of its resources including land and water resources. The staple food come land and also from the water sources. The agricultural development is must as the base of development for achieving higher level.

If we analyze the history of the developed countries then we will find the same. The Australia is not apart from them. The agriculture of Australia has a long and historical background and aquaponics Australia has taken its super position in the same. Though, the aquaponics in Australia is new technology but not a newest one. People of Australia are more conscious in adopting this unique technology for their self development as well as for improving the environmental condition.

The agricultural activity is not limited with the production of only food crops. It also deals with the production of fish, animals related to the development of the agriculture sector, poultry and birds, silk farming, bee farming, micro-organism culture for bio fertilizer and so on. The production of the field crops is mostly depended on the cropping season and farmer get only the seasonal profit. So, it is found that the agriculture is not the production system of a particular crop but a complex or mixed cultivation of crops and other related components.

The maximum utilization of land indicates the highest number of species culture in a single land. The Australian people want to achieve the maximum utilization of land and thus adopting the fish culturing technology with plant species especially of vegetable plants in a same land which is technically known as aquaponics Australia. As the name is, the aquaponics refers the combine cultivation of plants and fish species.

The success of agriculture is mostly depended on the water. The water quality has a great impact on the production of agriculture. It is impossible to think the total agricultural activities without water and it is same for any kind of life. If the quality water is become disappeared, the total agricultural system will be stopped and the agriculture related business will be destroyed within the eye falling time. The water distribution is completely distributed by the nature through mostly in the form of rainfall and by luckily, some countries get the unique opportunity to get adequate water.

Actually, the major sources of water are rainfall, river, lack though artificial one, sea and underground. However, the water level of these sources is becoming limited and some portion becoming useless for pollution. For ensuring proper agriculture, the water conservation is the basic need. The aquaponics system is great example of water conservation system by following which both fish and plant food production become easier.

In this production system, the excreta of fish species is used by plant and the plant residues are used by fish components. The same water is used throughout this cultural system by a proper cycling. This aquaponics system is totally devoid of using any kind of chemicals which protect the water body from toxic pollution. Only for these reasons the aquaponics in Australia is becoming more popular. Not only this, the aquaponics Australia plays very important role in conserving the environment with supplying basic home need of vegetables and fish.

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