Advantages of Backyard Aquaponics

The combination of vegetable and fish cultivation techniques practiced in backyard is generally known as backyard aquaponics. Actually the backyard aquaponics is an extended term which is used to describe such cultural practices including the production of vegetables along with fish cultivation having symbiosis association. This cultivation process has no pollution activity, even taken as a water conservation method by many people.

The hydroponics and the aquaculture together constitute such cultural system which has no negative impact on natural environment is aquapnics. It is highly persistent and eco-friendly and also an attractive cultivation techniques when the green vegetable plants are combined with the goldfish. This method is called as water conserver as this system requires only 10 % water then the convenient culture system and also no rough use of water takes place.

Now-a-days, it is very difficult to find out any quality food items in the market. By taking the inert mixed food materials from the market, people owing hazardous health. You can easily avoid this unpleasant and healthy anti situation by ensuring the pure daily food items though practicing backyard aquaponics. In each and every commercial product marketed, chemical pesticide and fertilizers are used which is harmful to the human health as well as have a bed effect on the environmental balance. This unhealthy product can be avoided by the people though adopting such product producing system which needs no chemical inputs. The aquaponics is such type of production system which makes a man both healthy and self-sufficient.

The most important aspect of backyard aquaponics system is the re-utilization of the water again and again. It is the best recycling process as the discharged materials of the fish are taken by the plant species and vice-versa. Actually the waste dissolved water from the fish component is applied in the vegetable bed and the inert or residues of the plants are applied in the aquatic medium. The bacteria present in the water will decompose the plant parts and make it feed-able for the fish species. There is no chance of losing water. The only one way of losing water is the evaporation as well as evapotranspiration.

However, to create such an eco-friendly home aquaponics system, you need little investment. The whole process occupies the constant amount of water which is cycling thought its time. The cost includes the cost of system formation, fish and plant introduction only. On top of that, it requires a single area on which it is possible to grow both vegetable and fish. The tank used in this system is the holder of the fish component and the top covering area is made as a bed supporting the vegetable growth. You can grow various plant and fish species as your desire. The plant may include lettuce, tomato, strawberry, lady’s finger etc. and the fish species may be tilapia, goldfish and so on as preferred by the family members.

Benefits of backyard aquaponics are as follows:

  1. Needs minimum input cost.
  2. Maximum return can be obtained from a single set of land area.
  3. Both the fish and vegetable demand of home can be met from here.
  4. It will ensure the top quality food.
  5. It helps to conserve bio-diversity as well as ensure sustainable ecosystem.
  6. Have no or little anti environmental effect.
  7. You may get vegetable and fish from here year round.

However, as the backyard aquaponics system has a great impact or possibility to achieve our so called food security, everybody should take it under practice.

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